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Shantikunj Ashram: A Spiritual Haven of All World Gayatri Pariwar - Braj Vrindavan Yatra

Shantikunj Ashram: A Spiritual Haven of All World Gayatri Pariwar

Introduction: Nestled amidst the serene foothills of the Himalayas, Shantikunj Ashram stands as a spiritual sanctuary and the headquarters of All World Gayatri Pariwar. In this blog post, we will explore the profound significance and offerings of Shantikunj Ashram, a place dedicated to the spiritual upliftment and holistic development of individuals. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the essence of this divine abode.

  1. All World Gayatri Pariwar:
  • Understand the mission and philosophy of All World Gayatri Pariwar, a global spiritual organization founded by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. Learn about its dedication to the upliftment of humanity through spiritual practices, social reforms, and character-building.
  1. Location and Setting:
  • Discover the geographical location of Shantikunj Ashram, situated in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. Appreciate the tranquil surroundings, nestled in the lap of nature, which provide an ideal environment for spiritual practice and contemplation.
  1. Spiritual Practices and Teachings:
  • Explore the spiritual practices and teachings promoted at Shantikunj Ashram, focusing on the principles of Gayatri Sadhana, meditation, yoga, and self-transformation.
  • Gain insights into the ancient wisdom of the Gayatri Mantra and its transformative powers, as well as the teachings of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.
  1. Education and Character-Building:
  • Learn about the educational initiatives and character-building programs offered at Shantikunj Ashram. Discover how they aim to foster holistic development, moral values, and leadership qualities in individuals of all ages.
  1. Research and Publications:
  • Discover the research activities conducted at Shantikunj Ashram, including studies on spirituality, holistic health, environmental conservation, and social welfare. Explore the extensive collection of books, magazines, and publications available for seekers of knowledge and spiritual growth.
  1. Community Service and Social Reforms:
  • Uncover the various community service initiatives undertaken by All World Gayatri Pariwar and Shantikunj Ashram, including environmental conservation, rural development, women empowerment, and campaigns for social harmony.
  • Explore the contributions made by the organization in promoting sustainable living, ethical practices, and the welfare of society.
  1. Visitors and Retreat Programs:
  • Plan your visit to Shantikunj Ashram and explore the opportunities for seekers and visitors to engage in spiritual practices, attend workshops, and participate in retreat programs focused on personal growth and spiritual awakening.
  • Learn about the accommodation facilities and guidelines for visitors to ensure a fulfilling and respectful experience.

shanti kunj ashram haridwar online booking

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of Shantikunj Ashram, if available. Look for a section related to accommodation or visitor information. It may provide details on how to proceed with online bookings.
  2. Online Booking Portal: If Shantikunj Ashram has partnered with online travel portals, search for them using popular platforms that offer accommodation bookings, such as, MakeMyTrip, or Goibibo. Enter the desired dates, location (Haridwar), and search for Shantikunj Ashram as the accommodation option.
  3. Availability and Room Selection: Check the availability of rooms for your desired dates. Select the type of room or accommodation option that suits your requirements. Read the room descriptions, facilities, and policies carefully before proceeding.
  4. Booking Process: Follow the instructions provided on the website or booking portal to complete the online booking process. This may involve entering your personal information, contact details, and payment details.
  5. Payment and Confirmation: Make the necessary payment as per the booking portal’s instructions. After successful payment, you should receive a confirmation email or booking voucher with the details of your reservation.

Conclusion: Shantikunj Ashram, as the headquarters of All World Gayatri Pariwar, serves as a spiritual abode where seekers can immerse themselves in transformative practices, gain profound insights, and contribute to the betterment of humanity. Through its teachings, community service, and holistic programs, Shantikunj Ashram stands as a beacon of spiritual light, inspiring individuals to embark on a path of self-discovery, service, and the realization of universal love.

shantikunj haridwar whatsapp group

  1. Official Website or Social Media: Visit the official website or social media accounts of Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar. They may provide information on any official WhatsApp groups associated with the ashram. Look for contact details or links to join or inquire about WhatsApp groups.
  2. Local Contacts: Connect with local devotees, followers, or volunteers associated with Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar. They may have information about WhatsApp groups related to the ashram and can provide you with the necessary details to join them.
  3. Online Forums and Communities: Look for online forums, discussion boards, or social media groups dedicated to Shantikunj Ashram or Haridwar spiritual activities. Participate in these communities and ask fellow members if they are aware of any WhatsApp groups that focus on Shantikunj in Haridwar.
  4. Ashram Events and Gatherings: If you plan to visit Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar, attend ashram events, gatherings, or satsangs. Engage with fellow participants and inquire about any WhatsApp groups they may be a part of or if they have information on relevant groups.

Can we stay in Shantikunj?

Yes, it is possible to stay at Shantikunj Ashram. The ashram provides accommodation facilities for visitors and seekers who wish to immerse themselves in the spiritual atmosphere and participate in the activities and programs offered there. Here are some key points to consider:
Accommodation Options: Shantikunj Ashram offers various types of accommodation, ranging from simple rooms to dormitories. The facilities are designed to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for spiritual practice and reflection.
Advance Booking: It is advisable to make advance bookings for your stay at Shantikunj Ashram. You can contact the ashram administration or make the arrangements through their official website or designated channels to secure your accommodation.
Guidelines and Regulations: Like any ashram or spiritual center, Shantikunj Ashram has specific guidelines and regulations that visitors are expected to adhere to. These may include maintaining a peaceful and disciplined environment, following a vegetarian diet, observing certain dress codes, and participating in scheduled activities.
Spiritual Programs and Activities: Staying at Shantikunj Ashram provides an opportunity to engage in various spiritual practices, attend discourses, workshops, and participate in retreat programs. You can explore the daily schedule and offerings of the ashram to align your stay with the activities that resonate with your spiritual interests.
Respectful Conduct: When staying at Shantikunj Ashram, it is important to maintain a respectful attitude towards fellow seekers, the ashram staff, and the spiritual atmosphere. Respecting the ashram’s customs, traditions, and practices fosters a harmonious and transformative experience for everyone.
It is recommended to check the official website or contact the ashram administration for detailed information about accommodation options, availability, booking procedures, and any specific requirements or guidelines for visitors intending to stay at Shantikunj Ashram.

How to get room in Shantikunj?

To get a room in Shantikunj Ashram, you can follow these general steps:
Contact Shantikunj Ashram: Reach out to Shantikunj Ashram through their official website, email, or phone number. The ashram administration will provide you with the necessary information and guidance regarding room availability, booking procedures, and any specific requirements.
Booking Process: Inquire about the booking process for accommodation at Shantikunj Ashram. They may have an online booking system or provide instructions on how to make a reservation. Follow the given guidelines to proceed with the booking.
Availability and Confirmation: Check the availability of rooms for your desired dates and the duration of your stay. It is advisable to book well in advance, especially during peak seasons or for special events.
Provide Required Information: Complete any forms or provide the necessary information requested for the booking. This may include personal details, preferred room type, and duration of stay.
Payment: Depending on the ashram’s policies, you may need to make a payment in advance to confirm your booking. The ashram administration will provide you with the payment options and instructions.
Confirmation and Check-in: Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation notice or receipt. On the day of check-in, follow the instructions provided by the ashram for the check-in process and collect the keys or access details for your room.
Remember to inquire about any specific guidelines, regulations, or requirements that apply to guests staying at Shantikunj Ashram. This may include adhering to ashram rules, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, and following any prescribed dress codes or dietary restrictions.
It is advisable to contact Shantikunj Ashram directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on room availability, booking procedures, and any additional details specific to your visit.

What is Shantikunj Haridwar famous for?

Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, is famous for its association with All World Gayatri Pariwar, a global spiritual organization founded by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. Here are some aspects for which Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar is renowned:
Spiritual Awakening: Shantikunj Ashram is widely recognized as a center for spiritual awakening and self-transformation. It offers a conducive environment for seekers to engage in spiritual practices, meditation, and self-reflection, aiming to guide individuals on the path of self-realization and inner peace.
Gayatri Sadhana: Shantikunj Ashram is known for promoting the practice of Gayatri Sadhana, which involves the chanting and contemplation of the Gayatri Mantra—a sacred Vedic mantra known for its spiritual potency. The ashram emphasizes the transformative power of the Gayatri Mantra to bring about positive change and spiritual growth.
Character-Building and Education: Shantikunj Ashram places great emphasis on character-building and holistic education. It offers programs and initiatives that focus on instilling moral values, ethical principles, and leadership qualities in individuals of all ages, fostering personal growth and societal well-being.
Social Reforms and Service: The ashram and All World Gayatri Pariwar are known for their efforts in social reforms and community service. They undertake initiatives related to environmental conservation, rural development, women empowerment, and campaigns for social harmony, working towards the betterment of society as a whole.
Research and Publications: Shantikunj Ashram is involved in extensive research activities, exploring subjects related to spirituality, holistic health, environmental sustainability, and social welfare. The ashram produces a wide range of books, magazines, and publications that offer insights into these areas and provide guidance for seekers and researchers.
Global Influence: Shantikunj Ashram and All World Gayatri Pariwar have gained international recognition and influence. Their teachings, practices, and social initiatives have reached a global audience, attracting individuals from various backgrounds and cultures who resonate with their spiritual and humanitarian principles.
Overall, Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar is renowned as a spiritual hub that promotes spiritual awakening, character-building, social service, and research. It serves as a guiding light for seekers, inspiring them to embrace spirituality, contribute to the well-being of society, and strive for personal and collective transformation.

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